Hello Again!!!

Time flies when you’re having fun! I’m learning to be a better blogger but if you’ve found this blog thru my IG, I’m much better at updating my Instagram. Life happens and time really moves so fast. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a six months since I’ve been inspired to write a post! Weirdly, I need to be really inspired to write and face the emotions that come with writing for me.

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2,000+ miles one way. Maybe 2,000+ miles of driving during the entire stay. PORKY was a trooper. She gave us a smooth ride. I still can’t get over how fast she is! 🤩🏁 Our route on down to NOLA was south thru Roswell, NM, east into New brunfils/ Austin, thru Houston, Lafayette, and finally southeast to Lafitte! 🥳🤩. This route took us a full two days-WITH NO OVERNIGHT STOPS😱. Roswell was sleeping when we cruised thru so we’re planning to stop there again some time in our future travels.

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Meet The Blogger

Pinch me. This is really my life?! How can this even be real?? I ask myself often how I managed to embark on such a huge adventure-totally alone. Trauma. That’s how. Being so broken and Ashamed of yourself that you felt no other option than to start over-totally solo. This journey started in the middle of COVID:year one 2020. Sept of 2020 I hopped a plane with three suitcases and never looked back.

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Melissa Castille

I’m Melissa! Traumatic things happen to all of us but how we heal from them is what changes us🥰 Follow my story of healing and how I’m chasing the greatest adventure of all time. 💜 Follow @traumatotravel on Instagram for pics🤩

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