Pinch me. This is really my life?! How can this even be real?? I ask myself often how I managed to embark on such a huge adventure-totally alone. Trauma. That’s how. Being so broken and Ashamed of yourself that you felt no other option than to start over-totally solo. This journey started in the middle of COVID:year one 2020. Sept of 2020 I hopped a plane with three suitcases and never looked back. Okay, that may not be totally true, but I never went back. (Not to stay🙃).

Roughly 18 months later, here I am happily divorced, and enthralled in this wonderful adventure with a wonderful new man and I’m about to embark on a whole chapter of this adventure. And I’m so mind blown!

Before the ’new’ begins, the ‘current’ and ‘before’ are super important parts of this incredible journey I’ve been on. You gotta start at the beginning for the growth to make sense.

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