2,000+ miles one way. Maybe 2,000+ miles of driving during the entire stay. PORKY was a trooper. She gave us a smooth ride. I still can’t get over how fast she is! 🤩🏁 Our route on down to NOLA was south thru Roswell, NM, east into New brunfils/ Austin, thru Houston, Lafayette, and finally southeast to Lafitte! 🥳🤩. This route took us a full two days-WITH NO OVERNIGHT STOPS😱.

Roswell was sleeping when we cruised thru so we’re planning to stop there again some time in our future travels. No aliens were sighted on the drive 😭.

New brunfils was strictly a buc-cee’s stop. It’s Nick’s favorite and I love the variety in selection of stuff to shop from 😍.

We had lunch in Houston with an old friend of the pilot of the trip. 10+ years since he last saw his pal. It was a fun lunch, catching up and hearing tales of the old days.

The last three hours are always the worst in any road-trip, if you ask me. As soon as my brain starts to recognize the landscape, I’m physically ready to be out of the car 🤣🤣🤣 .

Our vacation officially started on Friday night when we hit NOLA two days ahead of schedule😅🥹!! This was the greatest trip!!

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