Time flies when you’re having fun! I’m learning to be a better blogger but if you’ve found this blog thru my IG, I’m much better at updating my Instagram. Life happens and time really moves so fast. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a six months since I’ve been inspired to write a post! Weirdly, I need to be really inspired to write and face the emotions that come with writing for me. Anyway!

Porky has been an amazing car. In the short time we’ve owned her, we’ve put 26,000 miles on her! WOW! We took another road trip south for Thanksgiving to see my family, and we enjoy scenic driving. Unfortunately, Porky has been in the shop for almost two weeks getting a new clutch. Yes, a new clutch. Yes, ouch at the price tag. But she’s in perfect shape, otherwise. Yay! I’m so ready to start adventuring again!

So much life has happened. We went from a two income household, to one. This has been our biggest struggle and setback for our travel plans so far. Dec 2022 is the worst time to ever get laid off from a job. Say your prayers for the tech industry because it’s been rough for a while. Due to unemployment, we’re now living with Nick’s parents. I am so beyond thankful and blessed to have them open their home to me. It’s a shorter commute to work, it’s a nice place, my mother in law cooks all the time- I truly cannot complain. BUT being unemployed pushed us here. I like to say we’re in sling shot mode. Currently gaining force backward, in order to project forward at rapid speed. I WANT AN RV!

Our goal is to be in our home on wheels by the end of this year. Say a prayer for us and follow along for future fun!