You know how if you’re looking for a red car, you’ll see a red car everywhere? That weird phenomenon where you see what you’re thinking about. ALL I SEE ARE RVs!!!! It’s like the universe is rubbing it in my face, ughhhh. Yes, there’s plenty of time, no need to rush, BUT April is just next week. Time really flies. Next year will be here in the blink of an eye.

I’m following so many full time rv-ers now. It’s amazing to see how many different ways people can design their home on wheels. My dream RV will have a garage. There’s so many ways to use the space. Nick will have a remote job so he’ll need a home office. I really want to have a freezer. My family is from the bayou so fresh seafood needs a home and is a must. I also would like to put the washer/dryer out there, and have a dedicated laundry space. OH!! I almost forgot about the porch. I want a porch. I require a porch. Most of you don’t know this, but I come from a good porch. A good porch is a hard requirement. I’ll explain this porch issue later, haha. I’ve seen so so so many awesome garage layouts. Double desks, bunk beds/ play areas, transforming it into the master suite. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait for my own.

More RV day dreams to come!