Good things take time. Everything happens for a reason. Just two of the things I keep repeating to myself when I’m in a mood and “feeling some type of way” about not having the original plan go as hoped. God’s timing and my idea of timing aren’t always the same 🥴.

So, if you’ve been following along this far, I previously ranted about not having enough credit history for an RV, but was approved for a car. We bought a car. We love the car! I’m still only a little salty about the RV, but the future is bright and we’re on our way there.

The car. A 2012 Mini Countryman R60S, All4, 6 speed (that’s manual for the ones who are like me and didn’t know🙃). She’s PORKY 🐷 because she’s the biggest Mini has model made. #adventuresofporky have been so much fun so far! I’m in the process of learning to drive her and it’s fun!!!

Stay tuned for 🐷 PORKY’s first big adventure in T-minus 4 days!!
#adventuresofporky for IG pics📷