Only thing worse than bad credit history, is no credit history. RV shopping has come to an abrupt halt- indefinitely. The plan has changed again (insert hardddd eye roll). From a conversion van, to a class C, to a class A, to a car. A CAR!! (insert face palm). Do we need a car? Yes. Do we want a car? Maybe. Do we want a car more than an RV? NOOO!!!! 😭 Credit is a bitch. Or No credit. Or bad credit. Or no credit history. History. History. I’ve been trying to forget the history and these people require it. How rude.

The silver lining here is that this car purchase is a big financial milestone for Nick. The last time he needed to finance a car he had twice as many hoops to jump thru. This purchase was completed completely solo- which is something to be extremely proud of. Plus it’s an upgrade from what we currently have.

Cheers to new adventures in our new 2012 Mini Cooper countryman all4!!