After spending so many years suppressing my true self (and parts that were beneficial to my authentic self) trying to save a marriage that was already lost, I promised myself that a huge part of this new journey was to adventure and travel and enjoy as many things and places as possible. I knew I had been living under a rock. I had a huge imposter complex as well. I was (and still am) hugely over independent due to the past. I really sat and told myself that I couldn’t make it alone and I had no other options. That was the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself.

So, agenda tab #1- prove to him and everyone but especially ME- that I could survive totally on my own. I could fully support myself and I don’t need a man. I’m proud to say that box has checked. In my almost two years since my relocation I’ve advanced in my career beyond what I ever saw possible. My initial goal of proving myself in my career has been achieved. While there’s huge room for growth, I want to see the world while there’s still a world to see!

(The adhd is real, try to keep up, y’all) SO here we are, ready to see more of the world but not ready to give up my career totally. 💡 take my career mobile. (This will be mentioned again later). I’ve achieved beyond my expectations so I’m pressing pause on this chapter and starting a new one.

Leaving chairside dental assisting to pursue travel blogging/traveling/ultimately launch a travel dental assisting agency. It’s a big dream but hopefully you stick around to see if it becomes real life!