Nick. Nicholas. Nicholas tucker. Smh!

There will be countless posts that involve this man, but the intro or history or whatever you want to call it will likely be the longest, and sappiest. Sorry, not sorry.

Shady’s lounge. A going away party for Nick starting a work- from -home job. A harmless, fun night out to relieve emotional stress after my trip home and a crazy work week right after.

Not. So. Harmless.

More like totally life changing. But I definitely was NOT aware of that when it was happening.

I’m always skeptical of a person that asks what’s your zodiac sign when you first meet them. Not only did Nick do so, he compared our star charts and found that we share a lot of houses (whatever that means). We instantly hit it off and had immediate bestie vibes. I even attempted to WingMan for him that night! We had a great time that night overall.

We went out again the next night, went to brunch that Sunday, and “chilled” several times during that week. Majority of the time Nolan (our hoe keeper) was along as well, but he starts to show up less often pretty quickly. And just as quickly Nick and I became inseparable.

I’ve never met someone that the day-to-day things just felt so easy with. We liked majority of the same foods (me mostly being willing to try weird shit he likes). We like the same type of TV/movies for the most part. Have you ever met someone that literally took the words out of your mouth?? Like, no lie, had the exact same thought as you, at the exact same time?? Well, we counted once how many times in a day it happened for us- over 25 (insert face palm emoji!)!!! That’s just literally insane to me! We’re currently a year into this relationship at the time I’m writing this, and this “same thought” crap still happens multiple times a day with us. It really still surprises me to this day.

So I said before that this is not where we expected to end up. Let’s elaborate some. Both of us were on our own sort of healing journey when we met. Nick has a long history with a woman and I was still legally married to my ex-husband with no real timeline for finalizing the divorce (too much headache :/). It’s just as messy as it sounds. Neither of us wanted to start a serious relationship but we got along so well and we just kept spending more and more time together. So as the days pass, we kept completing each other’s thoughts and having great sex and truly just enjoying each other’s company, and a few weeks later Nicholas says “I know this wasn’t supposed to be serious but I can’t deny how easy and fun everything is with you” and that’s that. We became a couple, officially sometime in May 2021.

His wanderlust and my new goal to adventure as much as possible- to make up for all the years I wasted sitting still- was a great combination. We went so many places in those first few months. Santa Fe, the sand dunes, mount Princeton hot springs, Breck ridge, pikes peak, Vegas. I know I’m missing some stops but I’ll likely recap them in a later post. Nick really never stops talking about wanting to show me all the things and he ACTUALLY does. The follow thru is really hard to adjust to. To retrain your brain to learn that you really do have a man that says what he means, and means what he says, a man that shows up when he says he will, and delivers on ALL the promises he makes- TALK ABOUT HARD TO WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND! But in the best ways possible. WOAH! Back to the point…

This relationship has been unbelievable and its only about to get more so. I’ll share some of our adventures from the last year in my next few posts, and then that should cover enough history for now.

If you’ve gotten this far, I hope you stay a while because our best travel adventures are yet to come.