I met a few guys in the first few months that I was in Colorado, but not many that are worth writing about. I never truly believed in “the rebound” before but, shit, I do now. One guy I encountered in the glorious world of online dating stuck around a while. The amount of mixed emotions that I had to process from this brief situationship still totally blows my mind.

Every good feeling came with twice as much anxiety later.

I was sick. I knew this feeling. I just ran away from this feeling. This isn’t going to happen again. I promised myself that it would never happen again. If this was the right thing, it wouldn’t feel like this. So. Even tho it was hard, and it didn’t feel great, I set boundaries with this guy and he eventually removed himself from our situation. This revealing that he truly wasn’t the guy meant for me.

Everything I had to process in this season helped me to heal for what was going to happen in the near future. All of the emotional healing that I needed time with myself for, was given to me. God always provides.

Hindsight is 20/20, and thank you God because the man I have now is far beyond what I ever imagined 😍.